Numerology Birthday numbers



The day of your birth is just your birthday, and this number cannot be decreased. Every birthday, out of all 31, is described individually.

The day of your birth contains a specific information, a so called source code, which reveals a lot about your identity and who you are, as well as what talents do you possess and how you can free them and develop. This is a tremendous option for you to understand yourself and find answer to many essential questions. The day when you were brought to life belongs to four main numbers - the Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire are the other three. Though it is of less importance than these three, it has its own value that cannot be underestimated. Still, it shows definite capabilities that you possess.

birthday, number, one

Birthday number 1

You are a real player and an initiator of fun. You are utterly creative and have sharp mind.


birthday, number, two

Birthday number 2

You know exactly what happens in the heads of other identities and can slightly reach deep harmony and peace with them.


birthday, number, three

Birthday number 3

You think very fast and your imagination knows no boundaries. You are overfilled with enthusiasm and other folks consider you as very enchanting and encouraging.


birthday, number, four

Birthday number 4

You may get great pride, still you aren't really haughty. You feel sympathy to people. You meet every difficulty persistently in face.


birthday, number, five

Birthday number 5

You have a great desire for going on journeys to meet exotic people and places. Your greatest passion is to explore this world and you are unstoppable with this desire.


birthday, number, six

Birthday number 6

You have great talents in artistry. You strongly value and slightly feel all the beauty of our world and adore arts.


birthday, number, seven

Birthday number 7

You possess a developed intuition. Different methodologies of spiritual direction can sufficiently help you to enhance your intuitive capabilities.


birthday, number, eight

Birthday number 8

You are very resourceful and are capable to manage large projects. You have great chances to rule your own business or department. You are a natural leader.


birthday, number, nine

Birthday number 9

You are open-minded, merciful and search for ideals. You need wide education, particularly in artistic matters. Your creativity knows no boundaries and there can be met great numbers of artists under this number.


birthday, number, ten

Birthday number 10

You are freedom-loving person and always crave for independence. People born on this day are single-minded and endeavoring. You are innovator at heart and you have to defend your ideas. Sometimes you are rigorous and opinionated when you discuss ideas which you feel sure about.


birthday, number, eleven

Birthday number 11

You are exceedingly sensitive, thoughtful, expressive and irritable. You have the qualities of a clairvoyant due to your sensitiveness and great intuition. People love to communicate with you as you understand their thoughts and feel their emotions.


birthday, number, twelve

Birthday number 12

People born on this day are great esthetes. They have ability to notice beauty around them and to make beauty of everything they touch. Such people are rather artistic, creative and acute. You are expressive, sociable and friendly.


birthday, number, thirteen

Birthday number 13

People born on this day love their family most of all. You like thorough, fundamental and practical things. Your co-workers respect you for your zeal, painstaking and your fundamental approach to any task.


birthday, number, fourteen

Birthday number 14

Travelling is like a breath of fresh air for such people. These people crave for excitement and new emotions. Remember that changes in job or relationships are not always for better.


birthday, number, fifteen

Birthday number 15

These people are rather creative and resourceful. You are rather reliable and fundamental person. Financial intuition is among your talents as well.


birthday, number, sixteen

Birthday number 16

They live in their own world with their own notion. Such people are happy owners of excellent analytical mind and great memory.


birthday, number, seventeen

Birthday number 17

People who were born on this day are self-assured and they always yearn for the best results in their activity. The doubt of others about capability of such people may stimulate them to do more and better.


birthday, number, eighteen

Birthday number 18

People, who were born on the 18th, need much time for choosing a field for career. They are highly intellectual and, accordingly, have many opportunities to apply their knowledge and talents.


birthday, number, nineteen

Birthday number 19

Self-sufficiency and self-support are positive traits for sure, but a person should not to get stuck on this idea. You are ready to risk and take the responsibility for your actions in order to achieve your aim.


birthday, number, twenty

Birthday number 20

People, who were born on this day, are very susceptible, tender and delicate. Their great perception let them understand feelings of other people and feel for them sincerely. You are ready to give much to others and you expect to receive much from them.


birthday, number, twenty one

Birthday number 21

Such people are highly ingenious and they are happy owners of a rich sort of imagination. You possess verbal skills perfectly; it means that you would be a good artist. You must improve your talents and develop yourself.


birthday, number, twenty two

Birthday number 22

They understand situation at first sight and their first impression will not betray them. Your aptitude to materialize ideas and plans helps to become a good institution builder or to organize business.


birthday, number, twenty three

Birthday number 23

They prefer to work in team rather than along. Such people hate restrictions. Your verbal skills deserve respect. It adds you charm and attractiveness. You approach to responsibilities methodically and take solutions logically and fast, sometimes in very unordinary way.


birthday, number, twenty four

Birthday number 24

People, who were born on the 24th, are ideal family-persons. Relationships with close people are on the first place for these persons. They build and maintain strong, understanding, harmonious relationships and they are ready for everything to keep them balanced.


birthday, number, twenty five

Birthday number 25

Your approach to life is logical and rational. You are thoughtful and possess acute discernment. Your fine intuition gives you the cue as for taking decisions and choosing ways in life.


birthday, number, twenty six

Birthday number 26

People, who were born on the 26th, have all the character traits for building of thriving business and earn big money.


birthday, number, twenty seven

Birthday number 27

People, who were born on the 27th, are classic managers, who are able to keep control of all the details of the project.


birthday, number, twenty eight

Birthday number 28

People, who were born on the 28th, are real leaders. These people are good directors or managers.


birthday, number, twenty nine

Birthday number 29

People with this birth day are very innovative and have rich fantasy.


birthday, number, thirty

Birthday number 30

People who were born on this day are very creative.


birthday, number, thirty one

Birthday number 31

Family is the most important aspect of life for the people, who were born on the 31st.