Birthday Number 7

birthday, number, seven

Your mind is sharp and greatly enhanced. You explore and understand this world with your intellect. Philosophy and spiritual spheres are of great interest for you. In order of revealing the greatest potential, you ought to concentrate on one matter only and develop it until perfection. When dealing with private relations, you act pragmatically, analytically and logically. You feel great unease, when the situation needs the involvement of emotions. You mistrust them. You hold overly emotional people for big strangers, whose actions are unexpected.

You possess a developed intuition. Different methodologies of spiritual direction can sufficiently help you to enhance your intuitive capabilities. Your intuition is trustworthy and you can fully rely on it. Try to avoid risky matters, do not make too rapid alterations and don't play games. Do not live a thoughtless life. Otherwise, you may strongly regret reckless actions. You like to work rather in solitude than in collaboration with somebody. You always try to accomplish all the projects initiated by you. Technology and science greatly interest you.

You are utterly sensual and can reach the depth of your soul, but you don't like sharing your emotions with other identities. You prefer loneliness, but you ought to be watchful with this tendency. You tend to be obstinate. Try to express more emotions, because overly analytical and cool-hearted behavior will soon estrange other folks from you. It is also advised to be watchful with your habit to criticize others and act egoistically. This will negatively reflect on your marriage. In marriage you are commonly dedicated and loyal.

See not to lose your heart when reaching your goals. Part your emotions to trustworthy people and sustain long-termed relationships. This would lead your mentality to balance and would make your life convenient.

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