Birthday Number 13

birthday, number, thirteen

Your advantages

People born on this day love their family most of all. They value family traditions and try to pay more attention to life of their children. All family members may rely on you in any deal.

If you were born on this day, you are a very reliable person. You may be the foundation of whichever enterprise you are involved in, because you do your work decidedly and distinctly.

You like thorough, fundamental and practical things. But, despite all your practicality you have an artistic talent and search for some forms of its expression. Sometimes you can be rather artistic even just communicating with people or taking a speech during meetings at work. Your co-workers respect you for your zeal, painstaking and your fundamental approach to any task. Your self-discipline conquers your bosses. You are hard-worker, so, your productivity is high. But you have to give yourself a break and take some rest from time to time. Just in such case you can stay concentrated and are able to continue your way to your aim.

Your imperfections

It happens very often that people born on this day doubt about their job, their relationships and their way of life. They are always thinking of something better. And very rarely that is right way for such people because their problem is just in incomprehension of all possibilities and advantages they have. If it is about you, just try to concentrate and give yourself entirely to job you have. Try to apply all your talents and aptitudes to your actual work, your actual relationships. Be sure, the success won't wait.

The other thing which is good to liquidate is your reluctance to use new approaches, creative ideas and the ways for achieving your goals. Of cause, your methods may work effectively, but sometimes it's useful to try another ways and means. Don't be rigorous and opinionated in this question. Don't refuse something what can help you to make your work easier. The comfortable and habitual approaches slow down your personal development.

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