Birthday Number 25

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Your advantages

Your approach to life is logical and rational. You are thoughtful and possess acute discernment. Your fine intuition gives you the cue as for taking decisions and choosing ways in life.

Not many people have the talent to investigate something or to do researches. But you are a happy owner of such aptitudes. If you learn something, you try to understand its essence, you learn it deeply. Your intellect and abilities let you remember plenty of data and get necessary knowledge. Your brain works in such way that you can extract the most important facts from information flow and analyze them for making right conclusions. Science, particularly metaphysics or philosophy, is your field of success. With your ability to explain everything in details you would be a good teacher as well. Psychology is one more area where you can apply your talents.

You like to work alone more than in group as you don’t like to adapt to the tempo of others. You need time to understand the details of subject you work at. At the same time you don’t like long-lasting projects. You never procrastinate.

You are sensitive individual and have deep feelings. But you don’t show them and don’t speak to others about your emotions. The exception is people with who you have deep and lasting relationships. You have to trust person to share your feelings. The life would be easier if you share more of your thoughts and emotions.

Your imperfections

You don’t have to disregard for your heart. You need to get off your chest. It is necessary to have harmony in your mind and your heart. Balance is required for not to become critical and cynical. To be highly intellectual is very good feature, but don’t forget about your feelings and soul.

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