Birthday Number 16

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Your advantages

People born on 16th are very extraordinary. They live in their own world with their own notion. Reality of these people differs from the reality of others. They are found of mysticism and believe the laws of unseen world. You have to find way to understand the real world of others and live in harmony with this world.

Such people are happy owners of excellent analytical mind and great memory. If you were born on this day, you are able to learn almost any subject deeply and understand its essence. As well you have ability to concentrate on one task, so, you always fulfill your job and have perceptible results. If you choose the field and subject you like and apply your mental capacity there, you will reach the top in that area. Your intuition works for you. If you cannot take a decision, just rely on your intuition.

One of the most suitable fields for you is the science. It may be philosophy or psychology or any other science which harmonizes with the type of your way of thinking. Due to your consciousness and understanding of world structure metaphysics is your area as well. Advice for you is to take into account opinion and notions of others. Try to hear the other people.

Your imperfections

Your mantrap is in your decision to be aside of other people. You prefer to live along and to work along. Try to understand that despite all your intellect and mental capacity it's difficult to live without support of other people and without information flow from the outside. Give it a try to open your thoughts to people and feel their support.

You often fly in your thoughts and dreams. Be careful and control yourself because there is a big risk not to return to reality. It often happens that you lose the interest to the project you work at. You have many unfinished tasks. Try to make an effort to do something till the end. It is necessary for achieving success in any field.

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