Birthday Number 31

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Your advantages

Family is the most important aspect of life for the people, who were born on the 31st. They respect traditions greatly. Society is the central part of their life too. Such kind of people is the ground for enterprise they commit to because they are determined and precious.

They like fundamental, reliable and practical things. At the same time such people possess the significant artistic talent, which is expressed in concert forms. It’s not unexpectedly, that you adore nature - the universal combination of beauty, function and form. If you were born on this day, you pay much attention to the details of the project you work at. It helps you to be a brilliant organizer or project manager. You are a hard-worker, but you should take care of your health and not to overwork.

Your co-workers used to rely on you because they see your self- discipline. It may happen that you can’t determine your talents and right sphere for your activity. You may feel that you are not on your place. But there are very many areas where you’ll be successful.

Your imperfections

Sometimes you are excessively hard-working. You need time to have a joy and pleasure. Have little brakes to see flowers blooming, to feel the wind on your face, to communicate with nature. Try not to work longer than you have to. Apply all your art to the process of work in order to make it more interesting and easier. You can turn obstinate and inflexible. You don’t want to allow new ideas to enter your established methods. You should accept and use fresh approaches for doing things.

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