Birthday Number 28

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Your advantages

People, who were born on the 28th, are real leaders. These people are good directors or managers. They involve employees into the business process inspiring them. If such people are borne away by the project, all their team works with pleasure and readiness. That is why it is not difficult for them to rule groups of people. Generally, they don’t use power to influence others. Usually they prefer calm persuasion. If you were born on this day, your forte is planning.

You are very independent individual with idealistic perceptions. Your unconventional essence is in perfect balance with remarkable rational and logical mind. Your tremendous ambitions are strengthen by self-confidence. But it doesn’t cancel the need of encouragement.

Routine makes you boring because you are too active for it. There is an innovator spirit in you. It explains your readiness to risk and to try new directions. You have a great aptitude to create and to originate ideas. You are able to bring them to life. But, once you start some new project, it becomes not interesting for you and you leave it for others. So, it is more preferable for you to sell your ideas.

You are exceedingly passionate, expressive and adore demonstrating your affection. But, you may become disgruntled and annoyed easily. Even gushes of anger are possible. You would be a brilliant disputant and seller. With your willpower and innovator spirit, you have prospective to achieve a big financial success.

Your imperfections

Sometimes you become very obstinate and inflexible, especially if you are on the way of realizing the idea. You want everything be by your plan and don’t accept changes. Compromise is a very difficult thing for you. But sometimes it is necessary to be more flexible.

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