Birthday Number 11

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Your advantages

You are exceedingly sensitive, thoughtful, expressive and irritable. You suffer much of the criticism of people and need some time to feel quite yourself after such resentment.

You have the qualities of a clairvoyant due to your sensitiveness and great intuition. Buy the way, your intuition is so strong that if you develop it and learn how to use it right you would become a good seer. As well, combination of your intuition and powerful inner energy lets you to become a healer. Other people follow your ideas with readiness as they feel your inner power and they understand that very often your words become proved by some events.

People love to communicate with you as you understand their thoughts and feel their emotions. It helps you in your daily life as you understand what may motivate other people for doing something and adopt the ideas and plans which you offer. You inspire them and they are ready to come to you with their happiness, sadness, success and failures. You make them calm and ensured in principles which you consider right. Of cause, all these make you a good leader. You and your life becomes a good example for others. The opinion of others is important for you even if it doesn't influence the result of your activity. You are looking for acclaiming.

You are a good friend and a good colleague. You find mutual language with people easily and inspire them by devoting yourself to your aim. But don't lose too much energy for others. Keep it for yourself and for your own plans and goals fulfillment.

Your imperfections

Business is not your successful field of activity. You are often too emotional for taking dispassionate rational business decisions. Your actions may be inconsequent due to your sensitivity. You are not practician. But you may perform the role of advisor thanks to your intuition and seer abilities. If you work in business you may feel depressed and downtrodden. It's better for you to choose job according to your strengths. You don't have to fulfill tasks, but you have to organize others for tasks fulfillment.

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