Birthday Number 17

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Your advantages

If you were born on the 17th, you are a slick businessman. You are strong in planning as you are able to suppose the result of each step and to predict the influence of each action. Your mind is structural and systematic, so, business plan is like puzzle for you. The outstanding financial instinct gives you feeling of confidence in your business activity. The agile mind lets you to come up to tasks in original way. You can manage or organize business processes brilliant. But you don't like when somebody rules you because people born on this day are very independent persons. You can handle many things simultaneously and even manage large projects.

People who were born on this day are self-assured and they always yearn for the best results in their activity. The doubt of others about capability of such people may stimulate them to do more and better. These people like to demonstrate the results of their achievements. They crave for status and try to reach it in different manner.

Your imperfections

People who were born on this day take too much upon themselves. Undoubtedly, such people can do much, but when business grows one person cannot handle everything. These people think that only they know what and how to do, and only they have to fulfill tasks. The most often opinion and abilities of others are under a big question for these people. If it is about you, the advice for you is following: it is necessary to delegate some duties and responsibility to inferiors and just check the fulfillment of tasks. Try to divide job with others and to divide its fruits with others. It will work for your business and, in addition, it will bring you pleasure.

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