Personal cycle numbers 1-5

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Personal Cycle Number 1 signifies a time of development and action. In case if your First cycle number is 1, this is a time to gain confidence and independence. But sometimes you may feel yourself aloof and alienated from those who surround you. Number 1 in the Second Cycle means a period of time when you feel yourself confident, able to lead others and determined. You'll find that self-discovery and independence will become a major preoccupation for you.


If you're in a Cycle with Number 2, you're going to develop pretty slow. You should effectively and frequently use your talents for gentle persuasion and peacemaking. During that period you'll see that your main goal is to understand relationships. In case number 2 goes for Third Cycle, the latter's characteristics will be diplomacy and patience.


This Cycle emphasizes that you should unleash your creativity by focusing all of your energy. If you'll successfully make it and traverse this Cycle, you'll get a life with big amount of friends and come to fruition of your own creative talents.


This is a period of time when things should be put in order. During this period many practical concerns of life will be addressed by you, and willingness to work hard, order and discipline will become your greatest allies.


Personal Cycle Number 5 signifies the development of your own personal freedom and change. This Cycle will present you adventures and joy that will fulfill you and show how exciting the life can be.