Birthday Number 15

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Your advantages

These people are inventive persons with rich imagination. Such people are usually esthetes and have tender filling of beauty. They are rather creative and resourceful. They have attitude to visual arts. They are successful artists as they see the things in different and original way. They may portray usual things in a very unusual manner. Handwriting of these people is good-looking, so, calligraphy is one more their talent. If you were born on 15th, you are a smart person. Science of architecture is easy to master for you. Sculpture is the field for you as well.

You are rather reliable and fundamental person. At the same time you are easy-going and strive for adventures. All you do, you try to do excellent. You need to be sure, that you have good and happy family, good and perspective job and spend your time in the best way and with use.

Your world revolves around your family. Marriage is exceptionally important for you as well as coziness. You want your home to be a warm "nest" for you and your relatives. You are ready to do everything for your children. You are understanding and thoughtful parent. Atmosphere in your family mostly depends on you and you maintain it warm and loving. Despite the fact that you are family person, all decisions you take independently.

Financial intuition is among your talents as well. So, business is prosperous field for you. Your scrupulousness and clarity work for you in business too. The list of your advantages includes the artistic talent also. So, your numerous talents give you opportunity to choose almost any field for activity. You have a great potential.

Your imperfections

Your sensitiveness makes your life difficult. You are attentive to all people, you try to understand their problems and help them. Of cause, you expect the same relation to yourself from others, but generally, you become disappointed. You have to protect your feelings and your inner energy. Don't spend it in vain. Generally people forget what you do for them and they will not answer you in the same way. Just don't forget to take care of yourself.

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