Birthday Number 24

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Your advantages

People, who were born on the 24th, are ideal family-persons. Relationships with close people are on the first place for these persons. They build and maintain strong, understanding, harmonious relationships and they are ready for everything to keep them balanced. They don’t shy to show their feelings. They are always ready to hear out others and to empathize with them. They are good and reliable friends.

These people are very sensitive, they are overflowing with emotions. Sometimes such people can be too expressive and exaggerate their emotions, especially when they are criticized or hurt by others. Their dramatic character and sensitiveness helps in cultural arts. They have a gift to be an artist. If you were born on this day, playwriting is the area of your success. It seems like dramaturgy was created especially for you.

What is interesting, your emotionality doesn’t prevent your ability to make a business. You are organized, patient and prudent in approach to business tasks. You are faithful and reliable companion. In rare cases when you are impractical and you feel it, you may ask for advice of person you believe and respect.

Your imperfections

It is necessary to know limits in your sympathies and affections. Your over emotionality may cause problems. Try to use your talents and gifts in proper way, don’t forget to control yourself. You are active, liable and ready to lend a hand, but don’t let to use yourself.

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