Hearts Desires and Soul Urge numbers



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Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number One

Their own convictions and beliefs are more important than others'.


Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Two

This is where they good at, and people often appreciate them for such a talent.


Hearts Desires Number Three

They easily find friends due to good humor, big-heartedness and natural generosity.


Hearts Desires Number Four

They are conscientious, responsible and serious, do not appreciate laziness, inconstancy and frivolity in other people and expect to work for what they want in life.


Hearts Desires Number Five

Their natures are sensual and rebellious, so routine is too boring and loathing for them.


Hearts Desires Number Six

They are responsible, protective, and especially conscientious towards those who depend upon them.


Hearts Desires Number Seven

They may also be described as rather secretive, private and reserved, but that explains why they understand inner feelings, aspirations, hopes and thoughts so well.


Hearts Desires Eight

Such people have all necessary ambitions and drive to achieve their main goals, which are material success and recognition.


Hearts Desires Nine

Their greatest challenge is to turn their charitable impulses into definite and concrete expression.


Hearts Desires Number Eleven

Personal happiness and ordinary living for oneself is not an option for people with master number 11.


Hearts Desires Number Twenty Two

Their lifestyle is structured, disciplined and well organized, which explains why they give preference to security instead of surprises or excitement.


Hearts Desires Number 33

Master Number brings responsibility and freedom to choose, no matter the traits related to that number are expressed or not.