Birthday Number 14

birthday, number, fourteen

Your advantages

People born on this day have plenty of energy and yearn to spend it for adventures. They like to travel much. Travelling is like a breath of fresh air for such people. If they have no opportunity to go somewhere during long time, they are depressed.

Changes are norm for such people if not necessary. These people crave for excitement and new emotions. They are exceedingly adaptable, that is why they accept changes in life easily and with readiness. Furthermore they can't live without changes.

If you were born on 14th, you are very communicative and forthcoming. You find contact with people easily. Verbal talent is your strength. Successful field for you are writer, editor, speaker.

Your imperfections

People who change everything all the time are unreliable. Very often your actions are unpredictable. Remember that changes in job or relationships are not always for better. When you get boring try to find way to enjoy yourself with getting new knowledge, travelling or going to some interesting place, but not changing major aspects of your life. Your task is to find job you like and to stay in employment. Use all your talents at job you have chosen. Routine may oppress you. But just remember that there is routine in every deal and sometimes it is inevitably.

Sometimes you start some business with a pleasure and enthusiasm, but don't finish it. It happens because you lose interest very soon. It is a barrier in career building. You have to learn how to find new interest to your current business and to continue it till the end. The same is about private relationships. As soon as you have learned your partner, his/her character, habits, talents, he/she becomes uninteresting for you. But, try to freshen up your relationships and find ways to have joy together.

Don't use alcohol or drugs as an entertainment in any case! There are so many interesting originative and constructive things in life!

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