Birthday Number 4

birthday, number, four

You're a real workaholic. You pay great attention to every detail in all things you undertake. You aren't afraid of liabilities, have high principles and possess strong discipline. You take all responsibilities seriously and are big moralist.

You may get great pride, still you aren't really haughty. You feel sympathy to people. You meet every difficulty persistently in face. Your family is your greatest love and strength and you are a perfect mate. When the matter concerns love, you don't reveal too many emotions. You try to keep your inner affections inside.

You strongly concentrate on the major foundations of your life, regardless what sphere of life it is. You are capable to perfectly organize your life and greatly manage time. Because of these reasons, your relatives and partners strongly depend on you. You act as if the mightiest rock that cannot be beaten down.

You may be hard-nosed and harsh. You can patiently go on, until you reach what you wish. This may disturb you to reach creativity and find solutions. You should work out your mobility. There may happen disappointments and suppression. You aren't too emotional and actually don't deal with them very good. Because of this, you may lack the feeling of tact. Do not overwork, or you risk missing the best moments of your life.

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