Birthday Number 21

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Your advantages

People, who were born on this day, are really sociable individuals. They deal with people without problems and don't feel uncomfortable getting close with them. As a rule, they enjoy people overwhelmingly. Such people are highly ingenious and they are happy owners of a rich sort of imagination. If you were born on this day, your fantasy and imagination manifest in all you do. Your speeches are always bright, your appearance is always special and attracting, your task decisions are unusual and effective. Your aim is to succeed in your projects. And you have all aptitudes and possibilities for that. You are smart, tricky and full of life power.

Writing is one of your estimable talents. Consequently, the profession of writer is good for you as well as the profession of editor. You possess verbal skills perfectly; it means that you would be a good artist. Your enthusiasm, charisma, charm and ability to inspire help in the artistic activity too. You are very communicative and like to spend the time in big and cheerful companies. Due to this your feature one more field for you is trade. You would be a brilliant salesperson.

Your imperfections

It is necessary to understand which field and which occupation you like more and work hard in this area. You must improve your talents and develop yourself. There are all chances to succeed, but you have to direct all your abilities to one task, one project and one area. Don't waste your talents for some routine and unimportant job. Nerves may betray you. Try to stay calm and balanced.

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