Birthday Number 20

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Your advantages

People, who were born on this day, are very susceptible, tender and delicate. Their great perception let them understand feelings of other people and feel for them sincerely. Therefore environment of such people influence them significant. They are very emotional. Consequently, their momentary emotions are able to subject their decisions and chosen directions to changes. Such people need to develop their firm principles and determine the aspects which give them harmony and should stay the same in any circumstances. The creation of your own center will make your feet on the ground. You'll fill more confident.

If you were born on the 20th, you love beauty in everything. You decorate your home with a great taste and with all your love. You need harmony in your soul and your heart. The thing which rules you and your actions is love. You are ready to give much to others and you expect to receive much from them. Your favorite way to spend your time is communicating with members of your family and your close friends. However you don't get close to all the people, just nearest. You need physical contact with people you love. You need to be touched and hugged. You don't like to stay along as you need to feel partnership in all aspects of life. Your talent is your insight and discernment. You are an excellent advisor.

It's difficult for you to organize something, to play the role of initiator. But you have aptitude to develop projects as you are very meticulous with details. Your positive traits are modesty, diplomacy and mannerliness. If you need somebody to support your opinion you'll use diplomatic means.

Your imperfections

There is a lack of confidence. You have to understand your importance in enterprise you are involved in and your importance in the world in common. You deserve the success. Sometimes you are oversensitive. It makes you hurt by others much. You have to understand that aggression of other people is their own problem. Not everything depends on you and your behavior in relationships with others.

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