Destiny numbers



destiny, number


Destiny Number 1

People with destiny number one are innovative, inventive and generally creative; they often want to contribute something unique to the world.


Destiny Number 2

They love to cooperate, work in conjunction with other people, support them and assist, and all this defines their way of living.


Destiny Number 3

They are able to bring beauty, pleasure, color and happiness into the lives of other people.


Destiny Number 4

Though such people are rather slow than fast in their actions, they are able to build solid foundations for others in order to continue the project.


Destiny Number 5

Many people may consider a life full of changes as unstable, but a person with 5 of Destiny Number will always see changes as an approach to new opportunities.


Destiny Number 6

Their natures are very sympathetic and helpful, and their roadmap leads to assisting, serving and supporting others.


Destiny Number 7

The mission of such people is to uncover truth and wisdom in all possible forms and then share the acquired knowledge with the rest of human beings.


Destiny Number 8

They were born to lead, and unless they become too dictatorial this is the only way to fulfill their destiny.


Destiny Number 9

Such personalities are generous, tender-hearted and easily swayed by people in need and by emotions.