Birthday Number 8

birthday, number, eight

You have an excellent nose for money and usually enjoy tremendous success with finances. You use great creativity and originality in business. Your judgment is reasonable and you require freedom for it, or you will become furious. Don't undergo all partnerships that are offered to you. You adore challenges and in equal partnerships you would be trying to indulge intrigues and put to use manipulative skills.

You are very resourceful and are capable to manage large projects. You have great chances to rule your own business or department. You are a natural leader. You possess tremendous gift for organizing the working process. You can easily cope with large groups of workers. You are self-assured, pragmatic, have great ambitions, are a realist and know how to reach your aims. Other identities strongly value your opinion. You are a person they can always rely on.

You like accepting challenges. This hugely enforce you. There is some drama within you, when the matter concerns money. You require high status and gladly show your financial stability with different plushy things. You take great proud of your family and adore compliments. Your character is unbreakable and you tend to be a dominator. You hate weakness in all its manifestations. You do not reveal too much about your inner happenings.

It is recommended to improve your capabilities to survive and preserve yourself. There would appear lots of barriers in your way, which would make you only stronger. The way you face your troubles would determine the difference of success and error.

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