Different numbers in Numerology

Number 1 in Numerology means new beginnings, leadership and action. If you have this number in your person's chart, you can expect changes in this area. Moreover, in most cases you will be the reason for these changes. People with number one are pioneers who are always ready to light up the dark.

Number 2 symbolizes cooperation, compromise, mediation and diplomacy. People that have Numerological Chart with this number prefer to be team players to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

Number 3 in Numerology represents energy, optimism, fun and imagination. It's a number for creation. People with number three are able to create solutions and things heretofore unknown due to their indefinable power. 3 is also a number for such profound triads as Birth, Life, Death; Mother, Father, Child; Past, Present, Future.

Number 4 characterizes traditional, stable, respectable and practical people. It also stands for faithfulness and soberness and reflects discipline and organization. The symbol of number four is the square. The number represents 4 directions, 4 seasons and the 4 aspect of the self. This number provides forms and stable structures to things.

Number 5 in Numerology represents opportunities, changes, adventures and chances. People with this number in their person's charts always have risk in their life. The sense of number five is to take sensuality to its possible limits. Whenever five appears in charts, it means changes, exploration of the existing physical world and expression of free will.

Number 6 is a number of nurturing and thus symbolizes caring, generosity, loving and sacrificing. It also represents love, marriage, unions in general. No matter whether it will be romantic, motherly or platonic union, 6 represents all these forms. Number 6 in a chart means nurturing and powers of love will soon appear in one's life.

Number 7 in Numerology represents the pursuit of truth and introspection. It is a number for people who individually seek knowledge in solitude. If 7 appears in a chart that means mysticism comes into play. It is believed that this number connects Heaven and Earth. History reveals that many priests have thought number seven is a number of God.

Number 8 is the number for success, wealth, effective organization and leadership in Numerology. It is a worldly number. Though it represents success, number eight can also symbolize failure, as there is no intermediate condition - if you have eight in your chart you will succeed beyond your expectations or fail miserably, and there is no other option given. 8 also means ability to work until the job is done and endurance.

Number 9 is opposed to number 1 in numerology and represents humanitarianism and completion of the circle. The latter means this number finishes everything that was started by previous numbers. 9 characterizes the apex of spiritual developments and highly developed intuition. In the 1 to 9 circle it is a supreme number. Though number 9 stands for endings, it also has mastery of all challenges that are caused by the preceding numbers.