Birthday Number 10

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Your advantages

You are freedom-loving person and always crave for independence. People born on this day are single-minded and endeavoring. You are a good leader; you may gather people around yourself and make them doing something. People born on this day yearn for success. You should always bravely follow your dream through thick and thin. Your analytical and virile mind may help in it. Your managerial skills are brilliant. You are able to work out right strategies and plans, to find ways of achieving the aim and to solve problems.

Your imperfections

Time and again you are oppressed by routine activities. As the owner of leader character, you aspire to create, manage and rule, but not deal with some details or minor issues. They may even depress you and make you dull. It is difficult for you to protect your opinion. Your life test is to learn how to do it. You are innovator at heart and you have to defend your ideas. Sometimes you are rigorous and opinionated when you discuss ideas which you feel sure about. But it is not the way to defend your opinion. It would be much more effective to perform advantages of your idea and to explain its potential.

You always yearn to be number one everywhere. But it's impossible that is why you often suffer when others win. But you may achieve great success in the other fields, which you are good at. You need just remember about it.

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