Birthday Number 2

birthday, number, two

You possess incredible intuitive and diplomatic skills. You are overly sensual. You know precisely what is happening around. Through your great sensuality, you are too emotional and are afraid of being hurt. You require love and attention.

You can reveal your gifts in private relationships and diplomacy. You know exactly what happens in the heads of other identities and can slightly reach deep harmony and peace with them. Your diplomatic level is of top-class and you help to slightly reach reasonable agreements for all sides. There is great presence of artistic and musical gifts in you. You treat everybody with warmth and receive the same in return. You may act like a child, if receiving great amounts of emotional treatment. You reach out for confidence and security.

You reach the greatest productivity when collaborating. You prefer acting behind the stage, helping the others to enjoy success. You are kind-hearted and gentle. Your diplomatic abilities are extremely high. Thanks to developed intuition, you can predict the actions of other folks in advance. You manage the continuation of projects better than their initiation. No detail could escape your keen eye. You wish to reach harmony and peace.

At times, you may be missing a good part of self-confidence and fall into depression. Watch for balance, or stress may greatly harm you.

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