Birthday Number 5

birthday, number, five

You're all about travelling and adventures and require alterations. You cannot sit still. You have a great desire for going on journeys to meet exotic people and places. Your greatest passion is to explore this world and you are unstoppable with this desire.

You thirst for real excitement. You are an easy going person and finely communicate with other identities. Public activity is the field where you're good at. You possess strong ability for promotion and can become a successful writer. Your social capabilities are well developed. You know how to operate with words and easily contact with all types of people, and this makes out of you a perfect salesman. In occasion, there are not too many limitations you can collaborate with others pretty long. You hate work in one place and too long work with one project. Only always changing work can suit you. At times, you are lacking self-discipline and may be escaping liabilities.

You thoughts run quickly and you possess analytical brains. Oftentimes, you are too self-assured and hard-nosed. Nevertheless, you are utterly creative and your suggestions on how to solve a problem are very efficacious.

You may act impulsively and lack patience. You may be addictive to foods, alcohol or sex. You ought to defend yourself from going to extremes.

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