Maturity numbers



person, number


Maturity Number 1

If a person appears to have several 1s in his numerological chart, especially if one of it is a core number, he'll need to avoid being too selfish, stubborn, rigid and bossy.


Maturity Number 2

Such people also may understand that their role is behind the throne.


Maturity Number 3

With mature optimism about future and extrovert nature shows more and more.


Maturity Number 4

Their increasingly reliable and helpful nature in maturity will also become profitable for their family and friends.


Maturity Number 5

New and unconsidered before areas will attract them, though such people may lose interest in projects that run or progress too slow because they are often impatient and restless.


Maturity Number 6

In maturity the well-being of community, friends and family becomes increasingly important for such people.


Maturity Number 7

They spend their time looking for the truth that is hidden behind everything.


Maturity Number 8

If numerological chart consists of several 8s, especially if they are in the core numbers, such a person should avoid becoming selfish and greed.


Maturity Number 9

In maturity such people also start to better appreciate art and beauty depicted in any form.


Maturity Number 11

Master Number brings responsibility and freedom to choose, no matter the traits related to that number are expressed or not.


Maturity Number 22

They maturity will be more and more organized and practical. Such people will become able to put their ideas into concrete form.


Maturity Number 33

Their balanced and careful approach to financial matters and business provides secure success in later years.