Birthday Number 23

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Your advantages

People who were born on this day are quite friendly and delicate. They are making friends without difficulties. They prefer to work in team rather than along. Such people hate restrictions. They don't like to do the same for a long time as well as to be at the same place. Changes are their life. People, who were born on the 23d, can't imagine their life without adventures. Excitement and getting new experience are obligatory aspects for them to feel alive and happy.

Changes don't frighten such people. They even have pleasure of the shift of pictures around them. This easy adaptation helps such people to change the direction of their projects if it is necessary with ease. If you were born on this day, the presentation of yourself is your gift. Your verbal skills deserve respect. It adds you charm and attractiveness. If you choose the occupation of salesperson, you'll be perfect in it. You may use your writing skills choosing profession. You would be the first-class writer.

You are very innovative, clever, sharp-minded and multilateral individual. You can do just about everything. You are an owner of aptitude to understand body. It makes the medicine career successful for you.

You will be successful in case if you start with not big project and grow it step by step. Your stability and calm as well as your ability to pay attention to all details and foresee their effect will help you to extend your business project. You approach to responsibilities methodically and take solutions logically and fast, sometimes in very unordinary way. You have inner power and life energy for projects fulfillment. Inside you are afraid that you can't effort your tasks. You always try to hide this feeling. But you have a great potential and should not doubt.

Your imperfections

Sometimes driven by your fair, you can avoid responsibility. As well your possible problems are tendency to overeat and indulgence in alcohol. It is necessary to concentrate your energy on the useful and important things. Self-discipline is obligatory for you.

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