Different numbers in Numerology

Number 1 in Numerology means new beginnings, leadership and action. If you have this number in your person's chart, you can expect changes in this area. Moreover, in most cases you will be the reason for these changes. People with number one are pioneers who are always ready to light up the dark.

Number 2 symbolizes cooperation, compromise, mediation and diplomacy. People that have Numerological Chart with this number prefer to be team players to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.


Life Path Number 1

People with Life Path Number 1 have developed individuality and often characterized as decisive and single-minded. Such people appear to be innate leaders. Their endurance makes them able to get done any task right and on time.


Life Path Number 2

People with Life Path Number 2 look for balance in everything that surrounds them. That is why they often play a role of patient and cooperative peacemakers who have a natural ability to find the compromise.


Life Path Number 3

Life Path Number 3 characterizes creative people.

Their approach to life is very optimistic and that makes them very comfortable in communication and interaction. Their creative nature makes them able to be inspired by anything and inspire others.


Life Path Number 4

Life Path Number 4 means the life of a person with that number will require hard work to be done in an orderly fashion. Playing by the rules and loyalty are the traits that characterize such people. They make their best to keep their environment secure for them and others.


Life Path Number 5

Life Path of people with number 5 is composed of many paths. Their lives will be fulfilled by different changes that will play a role of gateways for new opportunities and moving toward own wills.


Life Path Number 6

These people feel the responsibility they bear and learn how to maintain the balance between what they give and what they receive. They are characterized as caring, sympathetic and able to give an advice. This is what others appreciate in them through the lifetime.


Life Path Number 7

The Life Path Number 7shows that the main purpose of one's life is to pursue inner-knowledge and look for universal truths. People with that number are exploring the mysteries of life and search for true meaning of their existence.


Life Path Number 8

People with Life Path Number 8 were born to become leaders, and they will have all the necessary opportunities to express their talents. But this is the number that requires such people to understand how to become true leaders, not dictators.


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