Birthday Number 29

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Your advantages

People with this birth day are very innovative and have rich fantasy. They have very developed instincts and good intuition. Such people are able to feel right directions and right decisions. They have visual memory. It is always better for them to draw and to write information they get. If you were born on this day, philosophy plays a great role in your life. You partly live in the world of spirits. It influences your behavior greatly. You feel you know more than just terrestrial life. Inspiration directs your life, but it’s not bad for you.

Your super intuition makes you a brilliant detective, art worker, healer or lawyer. In fact, you may try all spheres where it’s possible to use intuition. You beam positive fluids, calmness and wisdom, and, maybe you don’t know about it, but many people adore you.

The surrounding may influence you greatly as you are a deeply sensitive individual. You like beauty in everything. There is harmony inside you, and its disturbance reflects badly on your mood and actions. Your sensitivity does not prevent you to be a leader. You are unpretentious, tactful and good-mannered. You are very kind person and always ready to help others. You have gentle soul and are ready to compassionate.

Your imperfections

You belong to the category of late bloomers. During long period of life you are growing up rather slowly. Subconsciously you believe in destiny and feel that your life depends on higher powers. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities. It is necessary to develop strong character and good sense. You may be hurt easily and even have depression. Try to stay in good mood and think about something good.

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