Birthday Number 26

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Your advantages

People, who were born on the 26th, have all the character traits for building of thriving business and earn big money. Ingenious business approach, novel and intrepid decisions lead such people to prosperous projects. There is common sense and wisdom in everything they do. So, if it is about you, the appropriate occupation for you is manager or coordinator. You are able to see global picture of the deal. But sometimes details are not in the scope of your attention. You are well–organized and strong enough for the big enterprises.

You are a practical person, self–assured and very go–getting. You are rather considerate and discreet. You consider persuasion to be more effective weapon than force. You are bountiful and philanthropic person. If your friend is in trouble, he or she knows that you will help for sure.

High expectations and increased demand placed on you by yourself are your engines of progress. As well you tend to make an impression on others and show the results of your work with the help of expensive things, real property or good car. But don’t go too far with this your desire. People may think that you are boastful. Of cause it is naturally that you proud of yourself. Fervor and ability to reach the aims are perfect features of character. But, people respond your demonstration of success not always in the way you expect.

Your imperfections

It’s difficult for you to leave behind the past. Understanding of the fact that life is here and now will help. The other problem is your intolerance to weakness. You have to understand that all people are strong in some area even if this area differs from yours. In process of making business don’t forget about human values and you own feelings.

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