Birthday Number 18

birthday, number, eighteen

Your advantages

People, who were born on the 18th, need much time for choosing a field for career. They prefer to try themselves in several activities before choosing the field to devote their life to. But, almost all the areas are good for such people because, generally, they are very educated and have ability to get outside of any subject. Very often such people get several educations. They are highly intellectual and, accordingly, have many opportunities to apply their knowledge and talents. Art is especially perspective direction for these people.

If you were born on the 18th, you are a brilliant leader and you are able to inspire people like a house on fire. You are a masterly organizer. You are not afraid to manage big projects in new creative way. As well you are strong in psychology and are able to understand and manipulate people. That is why you would be a good politician.

The thing which brings you the greatest satisfaction is doing something for other people. You feel important and inspired when working on social projects. You would be happy to do something useful for all humanity. You like to take care about people around you and to see that their life changes for the better.

You are easy-going person and prefer travelling to all the other kinds of entertainment. You like to see new places, to communicate with new people, to get new experience. You adopt new living conditions without difficulties and accept changes easily as well. You always look calm and sedate. Not many people suspect that some disappointment is hidden inside you. It may come from your childhood or from some event which happened during life.

Your imperfections

Try to release your negative feelings. If you feel some discomfort in your soul make an effort to concentrate on it and understand its reason. If you find out that the reason is hurt, learn how to forgive and let it go. Vengeance is destroying wish for you. You don't have to communicate with the person who injured you, but you have to forgive. It is necessary not for that person, but for your calmness and harmony in your soul.

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