Destiny Number nine

Destiny for people with number 9 is to understand how to love all people without condition. They truly want "good will toward man" and "peace on earth", and this is what they want to become true with their efforts.

Those who will come in contact with people whose Destiny Number is 9 may be healed through a touch or some form of art.
For them the concerns are broad, horizon of life is limitless, sympathy is all-embracing and their roadmap to ideal and utopian universal brotherhood lays through compassionate service.

Such personalities are generous, tender-hearted and easily swayed by people in need and by emotions. They need to learn how to discriminate between those who will only mess things up and who can help. Their interests are wide, and sometimes it becomes hard to concentrate their attention and focus on developing at least one of them. That is why it is important for them to find out where their talents lie and try to develop it as fully as they can.

The most appropriate profession for people with Destiny Number 9 is a teacher, counselor or minister. They can also successfully find themselves in any area that requires bringing and uniting people together, for example, civic or public work. Finally, they may find themselves in the arts or music.

Their destiny is to encourage people to forgive, accept and love themselves, to bring good and be ambassadors of good will, which is a truly spiritual, inner and subtle work.

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