Life Path Number 7

The Life Path Number 7 shows that the main purpose of one's life is to pursue inner-knowledge and look for universal truths. People with that number are exploring the mysteries of life and search for true meaning of their existence.

This number is about people who like to be alone, as due to silence and much time it is the best state for pursuing knowledge.

With wisdom growing such people will want to share their thoughts and knowledge.

Nevertheless, they are career wise and frequently involved in activities that require serious research or study, specialization, investigation, high standards, precision, intuition, perfectionism, imagination and rational intelligence. They like to be left alone in peace and avoid dealing with mundane pleasures of life.

Natural vocations and careers for them are: psychoanalyst, surgeon, psychiatrist, scientific researcher, scientific authority, archeologist, authority on antiques, historian, marine biologist and any other work related to the sea, like sailor or deep sea explorer, theologian, clergyman, authority on etiquette, detective, investment counselor and judge.

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