Destiny Number 1

Destiny of number one is a destiny of independent leader, who always has strong force of will and sense of self and is ready to manage a venture, while others are not.

Thanks to their courage people gladly follow Numbers One until they become too dictatorial or overbeating. When others cower, they are confident in their abilities.

People with destiny number one are innovative, inventive and generally creative; they often want to contribute something unique to the world. They never follow others.Their keywords are originality, independence and self-reliance.

Success can be archieved by such people easily through own efforts and initiative, and to gain the best result they prefer to either be the head of things or work alone. That means they will not be good as team players and thus won't show their best in cooperation with others.

"Number ones" will never sacrifice their desire or beliefs just to get things done. They usually don't listen to other people or ask them for help too. They need to be free in order to make mistakes, experiment and search for best solutions.

Sometimes people with destiny number one are pretty self-centered (though they do not realize it) and don't pay attention to others' concerns. In that case their own projects and interests become more important than anything else.

To gain success "Number one" should take into account desires and beliefs of other people involved, in other case they will be alienated by him.

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