Destiny Number 2

For people with Destiny Number 2 the sense of life is in creating and maintaining harmony and balance amongst other people. They are also great team players, as they can unite the team until it will attain the victory. However, that doesn't mean people with Destiny Number 2 are good as leaders.

They love to cooperate, work in conjunction with other people, support them and assist, and all this defines their way of living.

A person with 2 as Destiny Number is especially good at understanding and relating to people. This is a peace-maker, who is ready to make concessions and adjustments in order to facilitate and ameliorate difficult situations. Diplomatic and tactful, he is able to see all sides of an issue, and that makes him a skilled counselor, negotiator or mediator. However, such a person doesn't like controversies and tries to avoid thorny problems. In case Number 2 will decide to pacify and please others, he or she risks to be treated as a doormat.

Companionship and closeness are very important for Numbers two. They need to be needed, wanted, to be a part of things. If they are in love with someone, they prefer to center their life on partner. Generally, a person with destiny number 2 cannot be a soloist all the time, they need someone to live this life together.

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