Life Path Number 5

Life Path of people with number 5 is composed of many paths. Their lives will be fulfilled by different changes that will play a role of gateways for new opportunities and moving toward own wills.

After some time they will understand that ability to make changes means freedom of choice for them. They are liberals in their world outlook.

Numbers 5 are career wise and suited for activities that require verbal facility, clear thinking, the ability to articulate ideas, mastery of language, flexibility, curiosity, skills to sell or promote and the ability to work with the public. They will find themselves most successful in versatile work that involves many people and requires many different ideas to be thought up and realized.

Natural vocations and careers for them are: translator, writer, journalist, editor, photo-journalist, travel agent, broadcaster, teacher, personnel director, entertainer, media expert, investigative reporter, promoter, publisher, salesperson of automobiles, magazines or books, advertising, tours and cruises, sports goods and other, trouble shooter, aviator and any work related to radio, cinema or television.

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