Life Path Number 8

People with Life Path Number 8 were born to become leaders, and they will have all the necessary opportunities to express their talents. But this is the number that requires such people to understand how to become true leaders, not dictators.

With this number the success seems to be almost unavoidable, but that doesn't necessarily mean financial welfare. It can be measured in a number of accomplishments, for example.

Such people are career wise and like to be involved in activities that require ambition, drive, executive and administrative ability, organizational talents, clear judgment, business acumen, and high level potential for financial expansion and growth.

Their natural vocations and careers are: commerce, large corporations, big business and any other work involving finance, top executive positions, banker, corporate lawyer, financial or political advisor, investment broker, purchasing agent, business analyst, civil engineer, athlete, politician, urban planner, manager of chain store, government official, manufacturer, college or school head.

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