Destiny Number 7

The destiny of people with number 7 is to look for truth and inner-knowledge behind everything that surrounds them. However, this pursuit may be unnoticed by others, because they often prefer isolation.

The mission of such people is to uncover truth and wisdom in all possible forms and then share the acquired knowledge with the rest of human beings.

Their destiny requires them to seek for a deeper truth and thus to be somehow separated from everyday routine and mundane concerns in order to concentrate on the hidden side of life and understanding the deeper meanings and underlying causes of everything.

Such people are studious, analytical, introspective, interested in philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and religion or science. They are intuitive, thoughtful, insightful and can offer much to people who seek wisdom and ask questions about that. However, people with Destiny Number 7 have no taste for light sociability and superficial interactions and carefully choose who they want to associate with and how the time should be spent due to their perfectionism and sensitiveness. They need solitude for meditation, study or quiet reflection. Sometimes they are gloomy. The best way to restore their spirits is to retreat to nature.

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