Life Path Number 2

People with Life Path Number 2 look for balance in everything that surrounds them. That is why they often play a role of patient and cooperative peacemakers who have a natural ability to find the compromise.

They also benefit from their ability to analyze every side of any possible issue.

A person with Life Path Number 2 is career wise and enjoys activities that require cooperation, tact, the blending of people, materials or ideas. Such people love to gather, analyze, compare and generally work with data or with public. They also pay attention to details and appear to be great partners and assistants.

They prefer vocations and careers of: statesman, lawyer, diplomat, negotiator, arbitrator, mediator, booking or renting agent, insurance adjuster, secretary, statistician, correspondent, stenographer, telephone operator, communications facilitator, post office worker, marriage counselor, museum director, art collector, dealer in home products, waiter or waitress, homemaker. They also will find themselves good as aids or assistants in any field and may build a successful career in import-export business.

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