Life Path Number 9

People with Life Path Number 9 look at the surrounding world with love, tolerance and compassion.

In their life they will explore the connection between all the things existing in universe and will learn how to make this world better without sacrificing their own desires.

No matter what field will be chosen their attempts to change or improve anything will always somehow help other people. This is the way how they make the world a kinder and gentler place for us all.

People with 9 of their Life Path Number are career wise and choose activities that help people or bring them together if they have diverse perspectives or backgrounds, such as altruistic or philanthropic work, social welfare, selfless service, the arts. Natural vocations and careers for them are: public service, Ministry, nurse, doctor, veterinarian, any other helping professional, educator, musician, artist, foreign service, counselor, ambassador or any other work that involves long-range communications, broadcasting, publishing.

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