Destiny Number 5

Number 5 indicates people who move through their life on a stream of change and explore the limits of their personal freedom. Eventually they become interested in promoting free will for everybody.

Many people may consider a life full of changes as unstable, but a person with 5 of Destiny Number will always see changes as an approach to new opportunities.

Such people have a lively, eager and curious mind. They feel a vital interest in experimenting, learning and moving with the times. They prefer to avoid predictable and stable environments, as they cannot offer much in movement, mental stimulation, change and variety in whole. They can change jobs, theirloved ones, be unreliable, unstable, and impatient to move on in case the potential of learning something new and probability of facing new challenges is gone. New ideas, faces, places and unexplored territories attract people with number 5. Usually they are insatiable travelers or readers, whose lifeblood is change, adventure and freedom.

Besides that, a person with Destiny Number 5 is an articulate, quick-witted, eloquent communicator and fluent in oral speech and written word. The mastery of language and sharp mind make of such a person a great salesperson, entertaining speaker or teacher. Their destiny is to introduce new innovations and concepts, spark controversy and discussions and promote progress and changes.

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