Destiny Number 6

The life's purpose of people with Destiny Number 6 is to nurture their loved ones and family. Their sense of beauty appears to be a harmonizing force for everyone who surrounds them.

They bring two most missing qualities to the world: balance and love.

Their natures are very sympathetic and helpful, and their roadmap leads to assisting, serving and supporting others. Such people feel the responsibility they care for social justice and human welfare, so they try to protect children, the aged, ill and others who need care. Personalities with Destiny number 6 will find themselves fulfilled in community services, charitable organizations and helping professions.

Besides that they are domestic and very devoted to their family's well-being. Their parents may be the most important and meaningful part of life. Such people invest much time, creativity and love to make their house a real, warm, beautiful and comfortable home.

They prefer old-fashioned style and usually choose homemade instead of slick, mass-produced and fancy.

They love and crave beauty and have an artistic sense of balance, color and harmony. Their hobbies are home decorating, making crafts, flower gardening and others.
Their keywords are service, beauty and harmony.

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