Maturity Number 9

Maturity Number 9 signifies that a person will have an uneasy life path. They should learn how to balance between love for humanity and own needs. Their life will be dedicated to healing and enlightening others, and in maturity they will become especially effective in compassion and healing techniques. They will understand how to look upon life and what a great benefit is to have a good fortune in life.

Maturity will also become the reason why their concern for the society's well-being will become more powerful. People with Maturity Number 9 will start to do much public service, and their thoughts will be occupied by the long-term good of surrounding community and even the whole world.

In maturity such people also start to better appreciate art and beauty depicted in any form. Maybe a person with 9 even will be involved in the arts, if the one wasn’t before, as benefactor, for instance.

A fundamental goal of 9s is to serve to humanity. As matures they will grow in wisdom and understanding, and in order to be more satisfied with their life they may be involved with humanitarian service or international affairs.

If numerological chart of such people consists of several 9s, especially among the core numbers, they should avoid aloofness, alienation and arrogance. In other case they will eventually find their place among the humankind and understand that they have provided something important and of lasting value for the future.

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