Personality Number 5

People with Personality Number 5 are witty and bright. They are risk-takers and like variety of experience and change. Contingency is what invigorates them most. The prime directive of such people is to expand and explore their personal freedom, as they are liberal. Their youthful personality is almost irresistible for others. The life of such people consists in continuous expanding of their sensuality's realm and exploring the surrounding world.

Their verbal style is lively verbal and engaging, which makes them expressive and outgoing. Besides that they are fluent and quick-witted. Persuasive salesman or sparkling conversationalist is a best role for them.

Personality Number 5 also signifies mischievous playfulness, which allows such people to tease and thus irritate more pompous or serious individuals.
Nevertheless, they are attractive and magnetic to the opposite sex, and so need a lot of emotional and mental stimulation to be happy. They feel themselves more comfortable when they have many acquaintances and friends of both sexes.

Numbers 5 rarely rest as they constantly feel they should do something. If the environment is not varied and interesting, they quickly find themselves bored and impatient to change something. Sometimes that makes others to see them as undependable and fickle.

Such people always look young and enjoy being up to date, so they pay attention to fashion trends and experiment with the latest fads and styles. Sometimes they may wear attention-getting and unusual combinations, but that's because they like dressing for dramatic effect.

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