Personality Number 1

With prime directive of numbers 1 to lead they receive qualities of true leaders. Such people are self-reliant, confident, courageous and always stand out in any group. Their minds give them ability to formulate innovative solutions no matter if it is a new problem or an old one. If the person with Personality Number 1 is not dogmatic or overbearing, he or she will always feel himself comfortable when he or she is a head of the pack. That’s because such people have inborn power, confidence, self-reliance and knowledge of what they want. They also do not afraid to appear different, speak or take a stand. They are really capable of getting things done in a direct, efficient and no-nonsense manner.

However, the 1 personality also characterizes bossy, domineering and abrupt people. When such people want something, they will not allow anybody to interfere while they are working on that. It would be a great advice for them to be more considerate of feelings of surrounding people. In other case people will be looking out for a real Number One.

It is also known that people with 1 of their Personality Number have a strong personal magnetism and striking appearance. They like to be different and thus dress like no other and have a distinctive personal style. This also means they can wear only high quality exclusive clothing or be unconventional and outrageous in styles just to get attention.

Number 1 will prefer an atmosphere where the one can freely express his thoughts.

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