Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number One

People with number 1 as their Soul Urges Number are described as fiercely independent. They want to lead others, and not to be just team players, who only take orders.

These people are self-reliant and strong individuals that always try to stand apart from the surrounding crowd and do what they think is right.

Their own convictions and beliefs are more important than others'. Deep inner sense of own power and authority make individual with number 1 of Heart’s Desires Number to work alone or to be in charge so he could lead and direct others. In the latter case dominant and influential nature greatly helps him. It is hard to sway such people from their paths due to their independence and self-sufficiency. But that also means that Numbers 1 are too proud to ask for help even when they need it. Their own desires and wills are much more important than others' needs.

Their inability to compromise and cooperate may explain troubles that appear in close relationships. Their striving for dominance also makes it hard for them to accept authorities and even become rebellious when challenged.

People with Soul Urge Number 1 have inborn originality of thought, deep inner strength potential and the courage to take risks and be different.

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