Personality Number 3

A person with Personality Number 3 loves life. He or she is charming and extroverted, the one who is always looking for fun and often called a "magnetic personality". His or her enthusiasm for life seems to be contagious for other people, and the potential of creating and inspiring people to create is almost limitless, though this is obviously not his or her fault. Sometimes such persons appear to be gossipy and unreasonably jealousy. However, in the end of life they will find they cannot resist to exuberance for life.

People with 3 of Personality Number radiate enthusiasm, good cheer and warmth, and people who surround them often cannot resist it. In social situations they are in the center of attention and play role of those who make parties really fun. A Number 3 person is lively, gregarious, charming and entertaining conversationalist, who immensely enjoys people and always ready to have a good time as he/she thrives on own conviviality.

Such persons look for congenial, comfortable and beautiful surroundings, and thus have the artistic ability to create an inviting and pleasing atmosphere. They like to use their artistic flair when make choice in clothing, personal adornment, color and jewelry. In general they like to be flamboyant, showy, fashionable and somewhat trendy though they have their own good taste. Some people may see them as too superficial and interested only in amusements and "fluff". That's why they should avoid being insincere, conceited and vain.

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