Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Two

The inner desire of Numbers 2 is to create balance and harmony. They loath conflicts and generally try to resolve or avoid problems that arise. This is where they good at, and people often appreciate them for such a talent. These people can also be characterized as loving and warm.

However, personalities with Number 2 of Soul Urges need someone around themselves, in other case they will feel a lack of support, care and love. Shared togetherness and happiness are always more important than being in the limelight or personal glory. Numbers 2 feel themselves most comfortable when they play a supporting role. They like to rely on their close friends or mates. Their considerate, sensitive to the people's needs and their tactful individualities help them to relate with others. It also make them adaptable, therefore allowing to understand the necessity of compromises for building harmonious relationships and the difference between the flow and the ebb, the take and the give, and others.

A person with 2 of Soul Urges Number is the one who tries to create and maintain peace in every situation, but sometimes that forces him or her even to submit own will to other, for instance, stronger person, instead of fighting. Though such people don’t like to rock the boat, they understand when it is a time to stand up.
As numbers 2 need support of others, it is often difficult for them to build their own plan for anything without someone's approval or assistance. Sometimes they have a secret envious or competitive side that enforces them to be compared with more confident or forceful people.

In general, people with Number 2 of Heart's Desire and Soul Urges are very gentle and happy when surrounded by fostering peace, harmony and cooperation.

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