Personality Number 2

People with Personality Number 2 are reserved, modest, shy and therefore often timid. They don't like to lead others but have inborn talents for diplomacy. If such people find themselves comfortable in someone's company, they may seem pretty charming and sensitive to others. Besides that, Numbers 2 resolve conflicts by searching for compromise, not instigating arguments.

A person with Personality Number 2 has an agreeable and pleasing appearance, which approachable, attractive and inviting for others.

These people prefer to hear others' opinions before telling their own preferences. However, their ideas and even tastes may be changed in case it will please companions or will help to maintain harmony with them. Numbers 2 do not want to be in the spotlight and feel it is more important to support people who surround them.

Such people enjoy friendly companionship, peaceful environment and conversation. They may succeed in avoiding discords due to their gentle manner and graciousness.

They also appear to be indecisive, shy and sometimes uncertain, especially when they make definite and bold statements or dress inappropriately. But this happens rarely, as they are very concerned with their appearance and how other people see them. Their taste in clothing is balanced and neat, but also subdued, so they prefer to wear neutral or light colors.

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