Pinnacle Numbers 1-5


Pinnacle Number 1 means a time when you should try to become self-reliant and thus make your individuality to blossom. This is a period when you need a teacher who could assist in your journey to independence. If you have number 1 as 3rd or 4th pinnacle, it may mean destiny hints you that it’s a right time to lead others.

You'll have a chance to learn how to build balanced relationships with necessary people with no need to sacrifice your inner self. Your abilities to connect and help others to connect with each other will also grow.

This is a time in your life when the door of self-expression may finally be opened. It is a very creative period, when you'll be able to easily build strong friendships and understand how to express yourself from your heart.

This is a period, when you should be on your way to build a solid foundation for your life - family, career or home. No matter what you're doing, you should take it seriously.

Pinnacle Number 5 signifies a period of change, when you should develop your own personal freedom and cast off any restraints. You'll learn how to be adaptable and flexible, how to hold your ground and face any changes that confront you.

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