Maturity Number 5

People with Maturity Number 5 experience the thrills because of changes they face and ability to fulfill their wills. In later years they will find their personal freedom to be fully developed, but changes and risks will still attract them. Such people will remain very attractive because of their ageless youthful spirit.

With entering maturity 5s don't feel like life slows down. They become more versatile and dynamic, which causes their influence to grow. This is the time when they realize the real price of lifelong freedom. But that won't change their way of life, as they will continue to travel, adventure and develop their creativity, originality and verbal abilities through unexpected and exciting events.

New and unconsidered before areas will attract them, though such people may lose interest in projects that run or progress too slow because they are often impatient and restless. But with their ability to easily abandon things that are not interesting anymore they should learn how to become more perseverant, concentrated, disciplined and focused. It would also be better for them not to scatter their energy over to many interests.

This is even more important if a person has several 5s in his or her chart among the core numbers. If there are only few fives, that means such person may easily adapt to changes and take risks, which provides much more spice to life.

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