Maturity Number 2

In maturity Numbers 2 become very experienced in creating outer and inner peace and know how to evoke from other humans the same sensitivity and sincerity they give. In later years such people eventually achieve perfect inner peace.

They also discover they have a talent of understanding and cooperating with other people. Their inborn ability to influence them through tact and diplomacy will only grow and be successfully applied in further business or career. They will also become extremely shrewd and conceive the art of discrimination. With increasing sensitivity to the desires and needs of others, people with Maturity Number 2 start to analyze their motivations with an uncanny accuracy and growing clarity until they will find they can be more productive with gentle guidance and persuasion but not with force.

Such people also may understand that their role is behind the throne. Their influence applies to certain people but not to the crowd in whole. They become satisfied when their own ideas are acknowledged or when the results of cooperative efforts and teamwork are successful.

If you already have many 2s in your chart, and especially if it can be found in core numbers, you may found yourself overly sensitive in your later years. If there are only few 2s, it means your Maturity Number will greatly affect on the ability to cooperate harmoniously with surrounding people.

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